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Fiesta Friday #112

Hiya, friends! I’m in Lancaster. Amish Country. Life is slow here. In fact, it’s like stepping into a different age....

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Fiesta Friday #111

So, are you impressed now? I actually posted two St. Patrick’s Day recipes before it was too late to celebrate...

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Fiesta Friday #110

I have a problem. I have absolutely nothing to wear. Now if my husband was more sympathetic, he’d offer to...

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Fiesta Friday #109

What’s up, peeps?! I’m a little preoccupied this week. Family matters, mom duties, that sort of thing. I didn’t spend...

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Fiesta Friday #108

Hey, all! I want to let you know that my plea for co-hosts received tremendously positive response and we’re now...

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Fiesta Friday #107

I’m running out of co-hosts, yikes! I’m fine for next week, but after that I think I only have 1...

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Fiesta Friday #106

I learned something yesterday that threw me off the track. I was going to tell you about the reaction I...

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Fiesta Friday #105

It’s February! It sneaked up on us, didn’t it? In a stealthy way, I must say. That sneaky, sneaky February!...

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Fiesta Friday #104

I’m still getting a steady trickle of followers on the other blog TheNoviceGardener. What gives?! I hope they know it’s...

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Fiesta Friday #103

Here’s a peek into what’s been going on inside my head these past week: I need more time to learn...

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Fiesta Friday #102

Is anybody here an expert on html? Or css? Or php? Any of which I am totally clueless about? I...

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Fiesta Friday #101

It’s FF101. FF101. 101. It’s like back to basics, so to speak. So, allow me to state a few basic...

The Best Of Fiesta Friday #100 62

The Best of Fiesta Friday #100

After a protracted decision-making marathon, my co-hosts and I are pleased to present to you The Best Of Fiesta Friday...

Happy 100th Fiesta Friday 31

Chocolate Chip Carrot Coconut Cheesecake Cake for Fiesta Friday #100

Here’s a question. How do you choose the one perfect dessert for a New Year slash Anniversary Celebration? Impossible!

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Fiesta Friday #100!

Come one, come all!! Fiesta Friday is celebrating its 100th party and you are all invited! It can’t come at...

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Fiesta Friday #99

#99! Does that sound threatening or what?! It’s like a warning. One more week until #100, yikes! But it’s exciting...

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