Fiesta Friday #161

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  1. Ginger says:

    So excited to see my casadielles up there! Makes me wonder if I should give up my Lenten healthiness already, two days in …
    Thank you so much for the feature, Angie – I am sorry you’ve had such a crappy week. I hope things are looking up soonish. And then there’s always Hawaii 😉
    Happy FF!

  2. Monika says:

    Hi Angie! Sounds like you do need a holiday! But it also sounds like you haven’t been cooking enough! Cooking is the best therapy I know and it always somehow makes things better:)

  3. Jhuls says:

    Hawaii sounds lovely, or any beach, anyway. I am so excited today as I am sharing a whole-30 compliant recipe! Yohooo!?? Happy FF, Angie. And thanks for the party.?

  4. Lily says:

    Thanks for the feature! Sounds like your husband needs to treat you to a spa day Angie, and you need some quiet time to finish all your posts. So, your kids and pet will have to lean on dad if they need anything. Mom needs a day off:)

    • Angie says:

      Quiet time? What’s that? ? I’ll get to those posts eventually but by that time I won’t remember what I actually did with the recipe! Kids and pets leaning on Dad? What’s that? ? Actually he’s pretty good, just that he’s sick this week. Thanks, Lily! Oh your whoopie pies sound fabulous! Wish I could have a few of those…

  5. I think Feb-March is the worst part of the winter, and everyone on the West coast is coughing as well. It seems the flu vaccine was only partially effective. San Diego is a good escape, as is Hawaii, and a spa day sounds like a cure as well.

  6. It’s a tough time of year, hopefully things get better soon as it warms up etc. For now its Friday and I brought you a cocktail 🙂

  7. Hey Angie! Thanks for featuring my Tacos! This is the worst time of year if you ask me. I call it the Winter Doldrums. It never hurts to have blood levels checked this time of year, too. I can’t believe all the St. Patrick’s day food already – I’m lagging behind on everything. You did ask when I can host but things are so crazy in the next couple of weeks I’m not sure – but maybe the first of the month?

  8. Julia says:

    I think we just had one of those kind of weeks too. Hooray for the weekend and fresh starts! And thanks for welcoming us back each week! After Fat Tuesday, I decided I need more salad in my life. So I brought one to share. 🙂 -Julia

  9. Thanks for having me as the co-host this week Angie – so many great recipes already linked up!

  10. Sounds like you are having a rotten week. Hope the cure is a relaxing weekend! <3

    • Angie says:

      It’s been crazy, both at home and work. But it’s Friday and I just had a nice dinner so things are finally looking up. Thanks, Josette! ?

  11. Hi Angie! Thank you so much for featuring my dad’s face! haha.
    Sorry you’re having such a crazy week! Hope you get to relax this weekend…

  12. I feel for you Angie! I hope this week is better 😀 Delicious features and I love those adorable blueberry cream cheese buns!

  13. Hi there, Angie! I’m willing to sign up to host again sometime say the last week in March, or sometime in April. Life’s been crazy, but spring is about to spring…. grin.

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