Fiesta Friday Healthy Recipe Challenge

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89 Responses

  1. I love it!! Happy New Year Angie!! Will be sure to think of something and post it!

  2. Monika says:

    Hi Angie, I’ve just added my recipe challenge post to the link party, I’ve included a link to your blog in my post too:) Have a good week!

  3. Sandhya says:

    What a brilliant idea to combine leafy greens with pineapple….challenging indeed! I started scribbling down ideas right away and finally narrowed down from the 8 or so crazy ideas I had:)
    I am really looking forward to all the recipes shared by the super talented group here.

    • Angie says:

      8 crazy ideas?! Now you’re talking! Would be fun to see all these ideas listed for us to see, Sandhya! Though we’d be thrilled even if you participate with just one entry. Can’t wait to see it!! What’s it gonna be? ??

  4. Well, Angie I did it! i’m here! I’ve been stumped all month and NOW I have a TON of ideas!! Well, hope you like this!

  5. Colleen says:

    They all looks so good…you’re going to have your job cut out for you when picking the winners!

  6. I wanted to link my second entry, but it says it is already closed. 🙁

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