Fiesta Friday #137

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70 Responses

  1. Angie that sounds horrible, definitely not something you should have to take. Cut them loose!

  2. You are far too fabulous to have to be worrying about pettiness! That’s no friend of yours! Luckily you have all of us fabulous peeps to remind you. Just sayin’!! 🙂

    • And it all probably stems from insecurity and envy on their part!! You go girl!

      • Angie says:

        They have way too much time on their hands! If they weren’t so idle, they wouldn’t be spending precious time criticizing other people. Maybe they should take up blogging ? ? Thanks, girlfriend! I’m lucky to have you all as my sounding board ??

        • WHAT?? NO BLOG?? I don’t know how you can associate with people like that, lol!! Seriously, have they seen how gorgeous yours is??!!!

        • Angie says:

          You know it’s funny I’ve never even told them I have a blog! It’s weird I know. I only told close family members, a few select friends, and even fewer coworkers. This group of “friends” on the other hand, I’ve always felt wouldn’t appreciate my blog. It’s not their cup of tea, so to speak. In hindsight, that should have been a warning sign, lol.

        • Lol! Well, friendship needs to be a two way street, although everyone goes through periods when there’s an imbalance, tough times, but only you can be the judge if the good outweighs the bad…

  3. So sorry to hear that, Angie! How did that happen? I always wonder what trigger people, worse “friends” to do such a thing. I reckon it’s always good for the soul to cut out all the toxic people in your life.
    Thank yuo for hosting #FiestaFriday and don’t you worry about the bullying!

  4. Loretta says:

    Hello Angie, better late than never…..I’m sorry I haven’t responded earlier to my favorite person on Fiesta Friday 🙂 It’s too bad you’ve experienced what you did. Cyber-bullying is becoming pretty rampant across the globe. Is that because social media has taken on so much of our lives? I mean we eat, breathe and sleep social media. I too have a tendency like all the others to press “delete” and be done with it. But like you, I have an emotional side too and it would really bother me for a while. I hope things sort themselves out and that you can turn a blind eye to it (easier said than done I know). I hope you’re enjoying your weekend away, wishing you love and peace.

    • Angie says:

      It doesn’t bother me as much now after getting such supportive feedback from all of you. That’s why I LOVE you ALL and Fiesta Friday! I think it’s even better that we know one another semi anonymously; less pressure. With “real” friends, presurre to conform is too demanding. I know I’ve been “blacklisted” from parties just because I didn’t attend previous ones. Some people just don’t understand prior commitments. They want you to drop everything! If they’re truly real friends, they’d understand, right? Anyway, thanks for the lovely words, Loretta…I’m so grateful I have virtual friends like you; sometimes it feels you’re more real! ??

  5. eefz85 says:

    Oh my… That cakes looks so yummyyyyy!!!

  6. sorry to hear that you’ve been cyberbullied – that;s awful 🙁 The opposite of awful is that salad with creamy cheese and corn – it looks amazing.

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