Fiesta Friday #113

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  1. Haha as if we’d ever believe you wouldn’t wanna party! 😉

    Thanks so much for the feature! I’m bringing another crazy cake this week, but I’m back to normal from next week – promise!!

    That horse is so cute, and I’m saying that as a person who hates horses haha

    • Angie says:

      Another crazy cake?! That’s just awesome! I love crazy creations. Even if I can’t duplicate, I love the ideas. And your anti gravity cake is definitely one of the craziest I’ve seen. I actually think I can and want to do something similar. And how could you hate horses?! I thought I knew you, Michelle!!

      • You definitely can do something anti-gravity – and i can’t wait to see it!

        haha I’m sorry! I’m just very scared of horses, it’s my mums fault – when I was about 5 she told me a horse would kick my teeth out and I’ve been scared to go near them ever since (she said it because I was standing right behind one and she was trying to get me to move!)

  2. It’s no wonder you’re going back Angie, the miniature horse is so cute & adorable. Brilliant features this week, the bird’s nest cake is inspired & the aubergine boats look delicious. Thanks for hosting & have a great weekend x

    • Angie says:

      That horse has personality! At one point she started banging on the stable door asking for more apples, lol. The features are all amazing, aren’t they? I want to definitely try the aubergines and maybe attempt the cake ?

  3. Loretta says:

    Oh how precious and what a sweet idea to return to bring her goodies. Love that. Did you find that route I told you about? I hope so, there’s just so many amish farms along the way where you can stop and get fresh baked goods and amazing produce. Enjoy your weekend Angie 🙂

    • Angie says:

      Yes, I did! Saw many Amish families in their buggies and some of their children playing outside. Everybody seems happy and friendly. Incredible baked goods! I’m going to buy more. But first I have to clear the fridge ?

  4. Suchi says:

    What lovely features Angie!! I am in love with the birdie nest! Kudos to Michelle!

  5. I used to drive by a miniature horse farm and it was so funny to see them behind the big fences.I thought they could have just had little tiny fences and saved some money, lol! All the picks look so amazing! Wow~! That cake is way cool!

  1. February 11, 2017

    […] am taking this crunchy treat to  the party at Fiesta Friday #113 hosted by Sonal @ simplyvegetarian777 and Laurie @ […]

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