Fiesta Friday #188

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  1. Thanks for such a lovely gesture Guys… On cloud nine today! 🙂 🙂

  2. Jhuls says:

    Good thing you asked about co-hosting coz I am gonna tell you that I am available from Sept 22-October13. Just tell me when do you need me. I could do more than one.☺️

  3. nimmiafzal says:

    That’s really great.. I would love to join the group.. I got some pressure cooker recipes already there in the blog.. but need to make long pins for them.. Happy Fiesta Friday 😊!!

  4. Angie – I can start co-hosting on a regular basis again. Just let me know… I still have not bought an Insta Pot yet (I did look at them yesterday, but I did downsize, right? – no – I am still buying kitchen gadgets). I’m old-fashioned – I used the pressure cookers to cook and can that everyone seemed to be afraid of 🙂

  5. Hello Angie☺ I hope you’re getting back into a routine after the Summer!😋 I’ll try and bring something to this weeks Fiesta!🤔 All this weeks features look so delicious! 😍I would love to co-host again… I can be free weekend 10th Nov, 24th Nov, 8th Dec, 15th Dec… xxx

    • Angie says:

      I’m actually getting back into the swing of things quickly this year. A little more organized this year. Is that a sign of getting older? 😂 I’ll make a note of your available dates, and will let you know soon, thanks! 😘

  6. Antonia says:

    Dinner donuts, sign me up! I love the combination of sweet and spicy too. The selections look amazing Angie! I can co-host, just let me know. Have a wonderful weekend!

  7. Colleen says:

    Thanks for the feature! I truly can’t believe it took me so long to finally use my donut pan. Now, I kind of want to turn everything into a donut!

    • Angie says:

      I have 2 pans, mini and regular, and you know what? You really need 2 pans of each! I’ve always wanted to make donut meatloaf. You know, so you get the brown crust with every bite.

  8. Hilda says:

    As it happens, I just acquired an Instant Pot two days ago as a gift. So far I have just read the instruction book but look forward to actually using it at which time would love to participate in your board.

  9. Lathiya says:

    Awesome collection of recipes ☺ love the blueberry crunch pie

  10. Monika says:

    Hi, Angie, I can co-host the last week of October.

  11. Lynda Hardy says:

    Thanks so much for hosting! Have a great weekend!

  12. Wow, thanks Angie & cohosts! I’m honored to be featured, but my Thai Beef Rolls hardly compare to all the delicious sweets! 🙂 I hardly know which to choose as my personal favorite!

    Happy FF! We are settling the folks into assisted living which is quite a process, but I’ll be happy to host in November/December and through the Holidays. I know those can be hard slots to fill!

  13. marilyn1998 says:

    Thank you for hosting. I would love for you to party with me at #WonderfulWednesday, #ThursdayFavoriteThings, or #OverTheMoon (Sunday). Enjoy your week!

  14. As noted earlier, I’m still up for the 22nd of Sept, and I suspect I’m listed… (Just confirming…) . Looking forward!!! My arm is improving — typing is not an issue, heavy lifting is, as well as “eating politely” with the right hand using a fork or spoon. Finger food. Yes, finger food… Left hand finger food! (It’s basically certain angles that give me trouble, not all of them.) At any rate, a great Fiesta Friday, as always!!!

    • Angie says:

      Yes, you are, and your cohost is Shinta @ Caramel Tinted Life. I’m so glad to hear your arm is on the mend. I guess maybe refrain from eating in public for a while? 😄 But really, who cares?! You’re not dining with the Queen, are you, lol. I heard she requires you to eat a banana with a fork and knife. Good grief! 😂

  15. Hi Angie…I am ready to cohost when needed. Just came back from long travels filled with amazement, gratitude, joys and very deep sorrows. But bouncing back to something I love the most….food 😉

    • Angie says:

      Oh no, didn’t like the sound of the deep sorrows part, but I’m glad for the happy moments. If you’re sure you’re ready to cohost, then I’d love for you to fill the other slot for Oct 6, FF192. Jhuls is the other cohost. Let me know if that’s a good week for you 😘

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