Fiesta Friday #140

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  1. vintagekittycom says:

    Skye is such a cutie! And she loves her haircut!

    My dad used to have a westie. Loved that dog. We would dress her up all the time and she was such a good sport.

    Also, my Luna says hi! She’s a rescue too!

    • Angie says:

      Thanks! And to think I wanted a poodle! Which is equally as cute, of course, but I think Westies may be better suited for me, temperament wise. Like you said, they’re very tolerant ? Skye said hi back to Luna ?

  2. It’s great to see Skye now she’s had time to settle in Angie. Our dogs have all been rescue dogs and it takes a long time for them to learn to trust again. It’s brilliant that she’s letting you cut her hair around her face, you’ve done a grand job.
    It was a lovely surprise to see my elderberry tart featured, thank you. I’ve moved countries this weekend, from France to Guernsey for the winter so I haven’t had time to post a recipe. Hopefully I’ll get time ot blog hop x

    • Angie says:

      Skye seems to love it here, but there are still issues, mostly having to do with anxiety and fear. Typical of dogs that have gone through tough times earlier in their lives. I just have to be very patient with her, and I am ? I love the idea of that elderberry tart! And good luck with the move, hope everything goes smoothly!

  3. Jhuls says:

    I really can tell that Skye loved her make over.
    It’s so sad I don’t have anything for this week’s FF, but I am on my way to the table now. 😀

    Have a lovely week ahead, Angie. x

  4. I need a makeover too! 🙂 Skye looks gorgeous!

  5. Skye is so cute! Thanks for the feature this week! Happy FF!

  6. Ohhhhh… I am fasting today and now I want one of everything here! All so delish.

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