Fiesta Friday #109

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68 Responses

  1. Everything looks so yummy!!! So many ideas 😀

  2. Ginger says:

    OMG I am so honoured! I’ve been such a party poop lately, so I’ll take your generosity as a kick in the backside to get out more … Glad I’m not the only one who is busy, though – I have a lovely dessert in the pipeline, all I need to do is write up the post.
    Have a great week, Angie!

    • Angie says:

      Looking forward to the lovely dessert! I’m going to see if I can get reacquainted with my kitchen this weekend ?

      • Ginger says:

        I’m ok with the kitchen part of it, it’s the getting the time to take pictures, edit them and write up the recipe bit that’s at times hard to find the time for. And I’ve been trying to refine a particular recipe to the point that I actually like the end result … give me an extra 2 hours each day and I’ll be flying!

  3. Suchitra says:

    A cookbook from Fiesta Friday people sounds wonderful! After all what are dreams for? To turn them into a reality! Happy FF!

  4. Mandi says:

    Don’t mind me, just dreaming of a Fiesta Friday cookbook (little dancing dinner plates in my eyes!!!) Happy Fiesta Friday, Angie!

  5. Wonderful! All my favourite posts from last week, a perfect selection 🙂 and I completely agree, who needs cookbook when we’ve got this great resource??
    Have a great weekend xxx

  6. Great features as always! I’ve been given the odd cookbook recently but apart from one and ones I’ve had for years, I hardly look at them, I agree I get most of my inspiration from blogs these days. A FF cookbook would be great, though, so many great things could go in it!

    • Angie says:

      I did once talk to the late Selma about an FF recipe book. She had some great ideas but then we never really followed through. It’s something I still think about every now and then ?

  7. Loretta says:

    I’m humbled dear Fiesta Friday friends, thanks so much for featuring my post (nothing delicious in that post for sure) so thanks so much Suzanne for giving it a spotlight as one of last week’s features! Love the rest of the features too. One day I’m going to buy a rectangular tart pan like Suzanne’s – whatever she bakes in it, is just awesome, I saw that same post of hers featured elsewhere, I forget where.

    • Angie says:

      But you deserve the spotlight, Loretta. You always give us thought-provoking posts. History is important to remember. I love history so much I almost majored in it! And I’m not surprised Suzanne’s post is featured elsewhere. That tart is gorgeous!

  8. Jhuls says:

    I’ve been too busy this week, too. I am glad that I have managed to join this week’s FF! I missed those times where I can blog at my workplace. 😀

    Amazing features, Angie! I am off to see what other have brought. Yay! Have a lovely weekend and happy FF! x

    • Angie says:

      What?! You used to blog from work?! Now that’s what I call killing two birds with one stone! My workplace is a fortress, I get no reception unless I go out of the building! ??

      • Jhuls says:

        Shhhh! My boss might hear you. Hahaha! I am sitting in front of the computer for 8 hours and I steal a time to blog when not too busy or if I finish the assigned job. But since last year, I could barely do that. 🙁

  9. Thanks for having me co-host this week, Angie. 🙂 I agree with you… I have to remind myself to use my new cookbooks! I have lists of recipes I want to try just from Fiesta Fridays!

    • Angie says:

      Thanks for co-hosting!! I love it when you share recipes from your cookbooks. You pick the best to share with us, so you’re saving us all money since we don’t have to buy the books, lol!

  10. It sure would be easy to find material for the new FF Cookbook! Have a great weekend and Happy FF!

  11. I am also so appreciative of the quality recipes shared each week! You have set a high bar, Angie!

  12. shailja says:

    Thank you so much for featuring my samosa galette … I never thought this galette will come out soo good ..

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