Chicken Cordon Bleu Wontons

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  1. elamb says:

    They look so crispy and yummy!

  2. Tracy says:

    Oh my… These look delish! And totally worth a cheat diet day for the fried crispness!

  3. Wow, they look so good and perfect, Angie 🙂

  4. rathodpurvi says:

    that looks amazing… m bookmarking ur page ..:)

  5. Janine says:

    These look like the perfect finger-food appetizer for a party!

  6. chefjulianna says:

    Verrrrry delish, Angie!! I love fried wontons, and your filling is super yummy! I will try them the next time I have an appetizer party! Thanks so much! 😀

  7. These look so delicious, Angie! Can’t wait to give them a try!

  8. As an Australian, I think I could answer each and every one of those questions at the top of your post Angie! :)) Such a laugh to read!
    Love the look of these scrumptious little wontons… in all their golden, crispy, puffed-up glory! Yum!

    • So, what are the answers? Are blokes used in Australia? I just love that word! It sounds fun to us! ? The wontons are really, really good! Everybody loved them! Well, the son complained about the Gruyere, but only after I told him it was Gruyere ?

      • :)) Ha, love it! I try not to elaborate too much about what’s in some dishes at times, so that my youngest won’t refuse to eat it, just by the mere mention of an ingredient he THINKS he doesn’t like!
        As for blokes and sheilas… both very Aussie slang words and unfortunately not interchangeable when speaking about the other sex or a mix of men and women. You’d likely find yourself in big trouble if you called a bloke a sheila in some of our rural areas… though your sweet American accent, might JUST allow you to get away with it! :))
        Have a great weekend Angie!

  9. Super yummy looking. I’ll take 2 please! 🙂

  10. Mr Fitz says:

    Sheilas are australian.. and nah.. you cant you blokes like you say guys.. Crikey is good though!

  11. Always enjoy your posts – but this looks particularly spectacular!…wonderful photos, I just have to try them now!

  12. Jhuls says:

    You always make me laugh, Angie.Did he even know about this post? 😀
    These really look so delicious, Angie. I also prefer the fried one – not only it looks beautiful-er ( 😀 ) but I just love anything fried. See you at FF. 😉

  13. Loretta says:

    Oh gosh Angie, you’re such a tease – your pictures always appear in 3-D fashion, you know, it makes you want to reach out and grab a few 🙂 Just gorgeous!

  14. Victoria says:

    These look pretty and pretty tasty! I agree…great photos! A great down-sized version of chicken cordon bleu worth a tasty try!

  15. Very nice! I have been craving chicken cordon bleu!!

  16. skd says:

    That’s exactly how my son would react to any game Arsenal would be playing over the weekend especially when I am making some weekend plans. Give a man his game and some delicious nibbles and he would have no complains with the world. Delicious and gorgeous looking wontons Angie. I am sure your hubby is a happy man ☺

  17. nancyc says:

    These look so yummy–wonderful idea! 🙂

  18. Love this Angie, great idea!!!! Yum!! 🙂

  19. This is soooooo inspiring. Wontons had been I my mind for a while now. Got a basic recipe to follow now. You know what I will be picking between fried and baked? ?
    Love ya girl for this snack!!

  20. varinaj says:

    how did you EVEN come up with this – this is ridiculously amazingly fabulously awesome!!

    • Only after making a mess with the actual chicken cordon bleu for the umpteenth time! You know, the inside exploding?! So, I thought there’s got to be an easier way to enjoy my fave cordon bleu flavor!! ??

  21. Norma Chang says:

    Those wontons look super, what if you brush the baked ones with butter or oil before baking? I think they would taste just as good as the deep fried ones.

    • Yes, I tried that! I also sprayed a batch with cooking spray. The problem is that the oil is brushed on cold; it just doesn’t have the same effect as when you put the wontons into hot cooking oil. I guess it’s the same principle as baking pizza on a hot baking stone. That first contact with high heat creates a crusty or crispy exterior. The baked version is not bad, just not as good ?

  22. Lokness says:

    Nommmm… Delicious! Creamy and savory little bites! The easy dipping sauce must go really well with the wontons. Bookmarking the recipe for later. Thanks!

  23. Jo says:

    Hi from the Land of Blokes & Sheila’s (Oz). To clarify, the term ‘Bloke’ can only be used for a guy, and usually refering to a particularly male, masculine type of guy. A ‘sheila’ is an Aussie woman, probably a ‘blokes’ partner. Lol.
    Hope that clears it up.
    And despite Steve Irwin’s legacy, we never ever say ‘crickey’!

    • Very much appreciated explanation, Jo! Thank you so much! I find these words fun to use! And too bad about crikey, I really like that expression. Maybe I should switch to blimey, instead. Or is that also not used in everyday conversation?

  24. Ginger says:

    They look amazing – I just love the way you photographed them, I can smell them from here! I actually know a few people who say crickey … does that make me a bad person, I wonder?!

  25. I love the way these gorgeous little bites have merged cultures and I think they will be a great game snack. I love anything (well almost) in a won ton wrapper. I’m with you, baked may be healthier but nothing beats the taste you get when you fry, Yum those sound delicious and look so beautiful.

    • Thanks, Suzanne! I’m thinking the only way I can make the baked version as good as fried is by using phyllo sheets, instead of wonton wrappers. I’ll give that a try next and will report! ?

  26. nexi says:

    Love the pics; I’m a Brit and I haven’t heard anyone – not even a Cockney (Londoner born within the sound of Bow Bells ) use the term ‘crickey’ for some years. Fraid a lot of our usage is changing – we were talking the other day about how old familiar terms were slipping out of common speech in the face of Internet use.

  27. Jo got it right. Except for crikey! People do use it. But they tend to be artier types. And they’ll use blimey, too. Its use is far too common for the likes of us, though. 🙂 Crikey’s fine. And you have to deep-fry sometimes. Just have to.

    • Yay, now I can adopt both crikey and blimey and won’t look so stupid! Although I’ll be getting looks. ??
      I had every intention to like the baked version, btw. But it’s just not as good!

  28. Sue says:

    This is fabulous, but c’mon . . . what a tease you are . . . I need to see a wonton bitten into!!!!

    • Omg! Of course! I didn’t even think of it! Maybe coz I tend to put the whole wonton in my mouth, lol! Don’t worry, I’ll be making more soon and I’ll make sure I’ll be dainty and ladylike and bite a ladylike dainty piece off and photograph! ??

      • Sue says:

        haha! I want to see drippy messy photos! Actually, Angie, I was so delighted to see how “perfect” these looked, with your characteristic eye to detail. You are not a messy cook like me, are you ?

  29. Calling these “beauties” appetizers is reductive…. they look like an edible miracle!

  30. This made me laugh. All I’ve been hearing lately from my husband is the names of various baseball players he’s considering for his fantasy draft, lol. These spy’s look delicious. Ill definitely need to try this recipe out 🙂

    • I actually enjoy March Madness myself. But for the life of me, I have no idea how my husband can watch ALL the games and not get bored! He knows all the players by name, too! Why are men so obsessed with sports?! ??

  31. Looks like other people have already answered the question of ‘Sheila’s’ although bloke is also pretty English too….you could have gone with ‘birds’ and ‘geezers’ I suppose?? ?
    Amazing food and photos, Angie, always xxx

  32. Love this post! They look so yummy and simple. I made momo (the Northeast-Indian equivalent of wontons) this week, and I’ll have to blog about it. Thanks for the inspiration!

  33. andy says:

    Wontons looks like a work of art <3

  34. Raphaelle says:

    Oulalala that’s looks so delicious. The combination of flavours is mouth watering!

  35. Cristina says:

    I love this! Fusion food is amazing, and I love when two foods collide to make something completely unique and delicious! They look so perfect!

  36. you do make the most amazing dishes Angie and what beautiful hands you have, the skin of a teenager, how do you do it with all this cooking? x

  37. platedujour says:

    This is my type of snack- and my boyfriend would love it too ☺as for what men think about I know the feeling!! My Max mostly lives in his own super complicated super macro world- but still food and tech news would be the most important thing- Oh excuse me and the football games! But I wouldn’t change him for anyone else ?☺❤Lovely pictures by the way!

  38. Oh Angie! These are amazing! They look beautiful and sounds delicious! Sharing:) Olga xxx

  39. Loved your post, and these look delicious! Perfect for watching the playoffs.

  40. Shari says:

    Angie, These look wonderful! Your husband is very lucky to have you make such great appetizers for him. I have never used wonton wrappers before. They are just beautiful, and the filling sounds delicious!

    • Thanks, Shari! Wonton wrappers are pretty versatile. I know you can use them for desserts, ravioli, etc. Haven’t tried those, but planning to. Give them a try, I think you’ll like them! P.S. I tell my husband all the time he’s lucky!! ??

  41. I love the mash-up. I am always trying to mix up different cuisines. Glad to see I’m not alone. I just thought I was weird. :))))))

  42. Cricket, these are the best thing since sliced bread Angie! Who knew making chicken cordon blue even more perfect would be to enclose it in a wonton?!!!

    • Angie says:

      Hi, Johanne! This is an older post I brought over from TheNoviceGardener. In case you’re wondering I’m trying to re-organize things. But I swear by this recipe! So good!

  43. That was crickey, darn auto correct!

    • Angie says:

      You should talk to Elaine! There was a time when she peppered her comments with goats. Haha…inside joke, she tried to say gifts but auto correct kept spelling goats!

      • Mine is especially crazy getting confused with my typing in both French and English! Drives me insane. Rather turn it off! Wontons look so good!!! March madness? before the Super Bowl gave you away ? Angie.

        • Angie says:

          Didn’t even think about that. Seriously, I’m thinking of shutting down TheNoviceGardener. It’s crazy trying to manage 2 blogs!

  44. These look absolutely gorgeous and yummy Angie! 🙂

  45. Marguerite says:

    These look so delicious Andie I will definitely give it a try.

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