When my kids were younger, I started calling our Friday dinners “Fiesta Friday” as a way to celebrate Thank-God-It’s-Friday days, and somehow just by attributing the name, I got them excited. Ordinary dinners had been transformed into special events.

Mostly, I served finger food that they could nibble on while watching TV or a movie. They were free to move about with their plates. It made them feel like they were at a party, and they loved it! I loved it, too!

So when I started adding recipes to my “gardening” blog The Novice Gardener, I thought about bringing this similar concept to the blog. Why not join in with other bloggers and have a Fiesta Friday virtual party? And so, Fiesta Friday Link Party was born.

Since then, it has become a venue for a bunch of food bloggers to gather and get to know each other, swapping recipes, engaging in conversation and camaraderie, and generally celebrating the good life with good food. All virtually, but the fun is real.

Fiesta Friday has grown into a community deserving of its own website. This is that website, to which you can come and join in for a weekly Fiesta Friday gathering and be sure that you will be welcomed with open arms.

In time, I hope FiestaFriday.net will turn into a community-driven website that serves as a recipe resource and platform for all food lovers to find each other.

Your Fiesta Friday host and friend,

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  1. Best idea ever! love it love it love it!

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