Fiesta Friday #68

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56 Responses

  1. Suchitra says:

    Love the amazing cakes featured this week! Happy FF!

  2. Stephanie @ The Cozy Cook says:

    Hoooorraaaayyyy!!! Thank you for featuring my jalapeno popper wontons, it’s so funny, I saw that they were a feature right when I woke up, got all excited, then started to REALLY want some! Then I saw that I have some leftovers that I froze and totally forgot about- I did a little jig, I have to say. Thank you so much Angiiiieee! HAPPY Fiesta FRIDAAAYYY!!

    • Angie says:

      Yay for freezer scraps!!! Of course in your case, the frozen wontons wouldn’t be considered scraps. Instead, they’re freezer golds!! Love it when I saved something then totally forgot only to find later. Like finding treasure! Happy FF!

  3. Seriously Angie, so many puddings? OMGGG faints….right I better get some fizzy stuff out and start entertaining your punters, I am being tardy too as havn’t posted my post, yikes better get on to it or you might wave your magic wand!

    Greetings and welcome to all Fiesta Friday party goers, Jhuls and I will keep you suitably in trouble, erm sorry I mean entertained, pop by say hello, grab a plate and have some food, don’t forget to fill yer glasses too!

    J xx

  4. Loretta says:

    Look at all those yummy desserts! My! My! I’m back on track Angie, and I’ve missed everyone. But heavens above, I’ve messed up my site somehow. My post today featured “Broiled Vegetables with Toasted Israeli couscous” – for some reason it did not publish too well, although I was able to link it to today’s FF. Somehow the title appeared under my widgets, (and I’m not quite sure how to delete that) and when you click on Home, it does not show that it’s my latest post. I’m tearing my hair out here, hopefully someone might be able to help out?

    • Angie says:

      Loretta, I’m literally running to work now, but I’ll talk to you later about this. Can you go to your widget and delete?

    • Angie says:

      Hey, Loretta, have you gone to Appearance ->Widget ->Open, then delete the offending widget? And also try to see if your publish date is the current date?

      • Loretta says:

        Thanks Angie, yes I did open Widgets and I didn’t see anything that I could delete. I did post on the WP forum, and I got one answer that said, “was published as a static page, not as a post. That explains both why there is a link to it in the header menu, and why no notice of a new post was sent to your email address.”. Not sure what that means and how I can change that.

        • Angie says:

          Oh, ok, you accidentally published it as a page, instead of a post. Go to your pages, copy the page, then republish it as a post. You can then delete the page. I’ll go take a look as well.

  5. Hello – it’s me…remember me? It’s been a while and oh, how I’ve missed you lot! Thankfully, I have brought a sugary offering because we can’t have Justine and Jhuls doing a crash ‘n’ burn now can we?? The features from last week are STUNNING! Those cakes are spectacular – wowsers! And I need some of Stephanie’s wontons in my life, very very soon!. Right, I’m off to grab a glass and see what everyone has been up to xoxo

    • Hello lovely Selma, I am certainly on a sugar high so thank you for that hehe, are you bringing some over to East Sheen? A glass of bubbly awaits! 😀 Justine xx ps glad to see you back

    • Angie says:

      Selma who? Just kidding! Of course we remember! You’re that FF co-host that allows me to rest when you’re in charge, unlike the J & J duo, lol. I feel like I have to keep an eye on these two. Oy, extra work for me! 😀 😀 So great to have you at the fiesta, Selma!! We ❤️ you!

  6. OMG, am supposed to be dieting before my holiday next week people, and you’re all bringing these incredible desserts! Ah well, at least I can indulge in reading about them and the calories are only virtual! Til I get too tempted and go and make one! Happy FF all and thanks Jhuls and Justine for having us! x

  7. I need me some of those Jalapeño Popper Wontons! I may have to scoot my way over to Stephanie’s house for leftovers 😀 Happy FF All!

  8. Happy Fiesta Friday Angie! Love the features this week, so gorgeous cakes! Can’t wait to get stuck into this weeks offerings!!

  9. Jhuls says:

    Hey! Hey! Hey! I am here now, Angie!! I like dynamite duo. 😀 I am ready to party! Happy FF! xx

  10. weebirdie says:

    So many beautiful cakes! But I do like wontons as well… fried wontons… very tempting.

  11. Beautiful picks – but I can see I shoulda made a cake! LOL! The won ton though really got me! 🙂 I love seeing the entries through fresh eyes because I always see someone you highlighted that I might have missed!

  12. Sonal Kalra says:

    Why are you stabbing me with all these goodies! Love the features! I start drooling seeing all the goodies and end up overeating on the weekends :-p Not fair! LOL! Have a happy weekend, Angie & Happy FF!

    • Angie says:

      What about me?! I’m in a constant state of drooling. I had no idea I had that much drool! I might end up dehydrated at this rate! 😀

  13. Thanks for hosting another lovely party.

  14. Vasun says:

    Thanks for the feature Angie 🙂 Have been away on a trip and got back to see that my Choc Beets Cake had been featured 🙂 You’ve made my week!

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