Fiesta Friday Link Party


Fridays are usually filled with anticipation for a fun and exciting, or relaxing weekend. Fridays feel different from any other weekdays. They’re days to indulge, to let your hair down, and to celebrate by kicking it up a notch.

So, share with us how you celebrate your Fridays.

HOW? Create a new post specifically for Fiesta Friday. Adding a visual element (a photo/picture/image) to go with the post is recommended. Make sure to tag your post with “Fiesta Friday” so others can find it.

WHAT? Although we love food & recipes at Fiesta Friday, and generally, food-related posts receive more views, you may link posts about other activities or hobbies that interest you, i.e., crafts you make, games you play, movies you watch, music you listen to, or even uplifting quotes and funny jokes. The idea is to share something that helps you get your groove back after a long week of work. In doing so, you’ll inspire others.

WHEN? It’s a recurring weekly party. It starts Friday morning and ends the following Tuesday night. The earlier you link, however, the more views you’ll be getting.

WHERE? The party is hosted at Link your post to Publish the post on your own blog as you normally do, then visit the current Fiesta Friday post on and add your post URL (not your blog URL) to the list of links. A thumbnail image of your selected photo will be displayed to make it easier for others to find you.

  • A number of posts will be selected and featured on the next Fiesta Friday. To be considered for features, posts should be fresh and mention or hyperlinked to and the co-hosts’ blogs.
  • To be considered for features, posts must adhere to the guidelines closely.
  • Please visit other links and leave a comment (Be kind, courteous, and encouraging). After all, this is a party. Mix and mingle! That’s the whole idea. Now let’s get the party started!

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