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Fiesta Friday #181

If it’s not one thing, it’s another. This past week was a blur. Skye was ill. I can talk about...

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Fiesta Friday #180

Btw, I recently noticed that when I replied to your comments via iPhone, the emojis showed up as question marks...

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Fiesta Friday #179

Have you noticed a strange phenomenon happening at Fiesta Friday this week? Yes, no? It’s this: I have two, two!...

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Fiesta Friday #178

Do you know what it’s like to have SAS? That’s what I have, Short Attention Span.

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Fiesta Friday #177

Let it be known that I’m obsessed with the garden. I’m obsessed with this flower. I can’t get over how...

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Fiesta Friday #176

Summer is officially here! For me, that is. But for the rest of you, sorry to say it’ll take a...

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Fiesta Friday #175

Just about one more week, people, until school is out! I have to keep telling myself to stay strong everyday....

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Fiesta Friday #174

Hi guys! I don’t have any cohosts for you. And I don’t have any recipes, either. No photos, no stories,...

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Fiesta Friday #173

So, what are y’all doing this Memorial Day weekend? I offered the kids a trip to New York City, and...

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Fiesta Friday #172

In celebration of the first ripe fig from the garden, I made this fruit platter.

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Fiesta Friday #171

Hi, guys! The week kinda got away from me. I had things going on that were beyond my control. Then...

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Fiesta Friday #170

Hola, chicas y chicos! Feliz Cinco de Mayo! Are you ready to fiesta? I am!

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Fiesta Friday #169

Just in case you’re wondering if my kitchen is being put to good use, let me offer you a visual...

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Fiesta Friday #166

The hubs and I will be childless this weekend. The son is away in college, and the daughter is going...

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