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Fiesta Friday #198

I probably owe you some real pumpkin recipes, what with posting the fake pumpkin deviled eggs and all. But honestly,...

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Fiesta Friday #197

I’m off for two days, guys! Yesterday I was off, and today I am off again. And with Saturday and...

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Fiesta Friday #196

Thank goodness Halloween is over! Now I can finally move on to Thanksgiving and Christmas.

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Fiesta Friday #195

So, did you see the Halloween Treats that I made? What do you think, huh, huh? Pretty cute, huh, huh?...

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Fiesta Friday #194

The bewitching hour is getting nearer and nearer… Are you ready, my pretties?!? Cackle, cackle… Okay, really, in real life...

getting-ready-for-halloween 52

Fiesta Friday #193

I’m still in the mood for Halloween here, people! But everywhere I go, I’m seeing signs that everyone is already...

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Fiesta Friday #192

So it seems you’ve caught me in a lie. Once again.

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Fiesta Friday #191

Update: Say hello to your hosts this week: Judi @ cookingwithauntjuju.com and Antonia @ Zoale.com. Please link your posts to...

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Fiesta Friday #190

Judging from the most favorited links from last week’s fiesta, I’m wagering a guess that some of you are in...

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Fiesta Friday #189

Does anybody know what to do with a case of the lazies?! I’m looking specifically for ways to get rid...

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Fiesta Friday #188

Hi, guys! I have two questions to ask. One, who wants to cohost in the next weeks or months? Please...

aperol-spritz 51

Fiesta Friday #187

I survived my first week of back to work, peeps! I didn’t fall asleep at work, not even once, even...

fried-green-tomatoes 40

Fiesta Friday #186

I seriously don’t understand that I have to go back to work on Monday. What, why, how?? It’s a joke,...

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Fiesta Friday #185

One of the best things about being on vacation is that you’re shielded from depressing things. Like the news.

tiger-swallotail-butterfly-on-tiger-lily 78

Fiesta Friday #183

I sacrificed my parsley plant for this lovely lady. Tiger Swallowtail Butterfly

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Fiesta Friday #182

I really thought that by now I would have a new recipe post ready to publish. Especially since there are...

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