Fiesta Friday

coca cola carnita street tacos 39

Coca-Cola Carnitas

Carnitas (“little meats”), pork braised in Coca-Cola and orange juice until tender, then shredded and fried in its own fat,...

Chicken-Katsu-Sushi-Burger 54

Fiesta Friday #115

Oh, hey, guys! Isn’t this world beautiful? Isn’t sunshine amazing? Aren’t trees incredible? And the sky and the clouds, aren’t...

roasted strawberry muffin 43

Roasted Strawberry Coconut Corn Muffins

Roasted strawberries add such a rich flavor and just the right amount of tartness to these dairy-free corn muffins! Happy...

chopped salad with almond butter dressing 41

Detox Diet (really???) Salad with Almond Butter Dressing

Detox Diet anyone? It’ll be so much easier done with this super delicious Chopped Salad with Almond Butter Dressing that...

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