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Fiesta Friday #161

Is it Friday already?! What a struggle it’s been to keep up with the days! Car trouble, sick husband, dependent...

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Fiesta Friday #160

Punxsutawney Phil saw his shadow. So he declared six more weeks of winter. Oh, Phil, how could you be so...

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Fiesta Friday #159

Okay, I have nothing to talk to you about. Life is pretty boring right now. I’m a mom, what do...


Fiesta Friday Healthy Recipe Challenge Results

Here we are, finally! Winners of the Fiesta Friday Healthy Recipe Challenge have been selected and are ready to be...

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Fiesta Friday #158

We’re hunkering down, people… We’re snowed in… NOT!! As my aerospace engineer husband would say… If he or any of...

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Fiesta Friday #157

Our Fiesta Friday Healthy Recipe Challenge has just ended. Thank you all who participated. Thank you all who planned and...

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Fiesta Friday #156

There’s still time to participate in the Fiesta Friday Healthy Recipe Challenge! To submit your recipes, click on the button...

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Fiesta Friday #155

Fiesta Friday Healthy Recipe Challenge is still ON! Please join the challenge by clicking on the button below:

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Fiesta Friday Healthy Recipe Challenge

After racking my brain about what to do with the Fiesta Friday Challenge, I finally decided on the specifics. It...


Fiesta Friday #154

Howdy, folks! The Fiesta Friday Healthy Recipe Challenge starts today.

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Fiesta Friday #153

Hi, people! Happy New Year to you all! If the start of your new year is any indication of how...

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Fiesta Friday #152

Hey, guys! Ready to say goodbye to 2016? Yeah, me too, me too! C’mon, let’s get it over with. Be...

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Fiesta Friday #151

Several times a day, I would say to myself…

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Fiesta Friday #150

I fully realize this is THE BIG 1️⃣5️⃣0️⃣. It should call for a special celebration, such as an Anniversary Fiesta...

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Fiesta Friday #149

May I remind you that Christmas is just about two weeks away?! And what have you done?! ← ← Talking...

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Fiesta Friday #148

Don’t go to the mall! That’s my PSA for y’all!

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