Fiesta Friday #125

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  1. Happy FF! Sounds like you are getting some much needed rest! It’s OK. Take rest whenever possible!! I love this week’s line up, a little of everything with a cherry on top…lol! Have a great weekend!

  2. Slothing and sleeping sounds good to me!!! Sleep is the best thing in the world ????

  3. Suchitra says:

    Hi Angie!! That is exactly what vacations are meant for .. to catch up with your sleep and recuperate!!;) Love the features!! Happy FF!!

    • Angie says:

      Yup! You’re absolutely right! I do have a garden that’s threatening to transform into a jungle, though, lol. So I will have to move sometimes, boo…

  4. Sounds like you’re having a well earned rest Angie. What a fab round up, feeling like a sandwich now. Thanks for hosting a wonderful party, have a fab weekend x

  5. petra08 says:

    hi Angie
    Love the features and your cherry image is just to die for! Wow!
    Thanks for another lovely Fiesta Friday party, no week is the same without it! Have a lovely weekend. πŸ™‚ x

    • Angie says:

      Glad you like the cherry on top image, Petra. I’ve been playing a little with my camera settings ? No fiesta is the same without you, darling! ??

  6. Starting tomorrow I need to catch up on my sleep! I’m going to relax ALL weekend and not leave the couch or change out of my PJ’s. Sometimes you just need it, right? Happy FF and great features as always πŸ™‚

    • Angie says:

      Go for it! I highly recommend and approve, Sarah! Why bother changing if you’re going to nap every couple of hours, anyway, lol… Happy FF and weekend! ?

  7. Struggled to stay up until 9:00 last night and went to bed before it was dark – that rarely happens. Guess I needed my zzzzzzzz’s – you too obviously. Sleep and even relaxing is a good thing Angie πŸ™‚

  8. Sherry says:

    Thanks so much for hosting the party!

  9. Happy FF Angie, all features are drool worthy and looking forward to your contribution.

    • Angie says:

      Post written, Suzanne, but I can’t seem to take good photos anymore. So not satisfied with what I’ve got. Or maybe I’m just way too critical. Anyway, I’ll try to post asap.

  10. Antonia says:

    Wow, that cake looks amazing! Great features this week Angie! I can’t wait to see what you are planning πŸ˜€

    • Angie says:

      I haven’t posted ‘coz I wasn’t happy with the pictures, even though the recipe was solid, but I think I’m now persuaded to just publish the post anyway. Tomorrow, ok? ?

  11. Ah! Such an honor to be featured!! Thanks so much for choosing my recipe, my weekend has been made! πŸ˜€

    • Angie says:

      You’re welcome, Justine! I did make grilled cheese sandwiches but didn’t have the chance to make caramelized onions to go with them, so there’ll be take 2 SOON!! ??

  12. It sounds like an idilic way to spend the early part of summer! You have earned a break.

  13. it sounds like you need to take a break Angie. Sleeping and slothing sounds very godo and seriously how can you make a cherry look sooooo good? x

    • Angie says:

      Hmm, that cherry picture? You’re the second person to say you like it. Maybe it’s not so bad after all. Maybe I’ll publish the post. Was thinking pictures weren’t good enough; that’s why I haven’t posted. I’ll give it a second thought, I guess. But tomorrow. Right now I’m busy slothing ?

  14. Sorry for being late to the party, I am in the UK visiting family, but what a lovely surprise to find I have been featured! Thank you, thank you. Enjoy your slothing and seeping – I am so jealous!

    • Angie says:

      Oh, you’re in the thick of Brexit, aren’t you?! It’s been on the news all day long over here! My goodness, it’s really stunning! I guess we have to wait and see now what’ll happen. Have fun with your family. At least you can say you’re there when history is being made ?

  15. Patty Nguyen says:

    Slothing and sleeping are the best summer activities. Hands down. πŸ˜€

  16. Slothing is an art form that people are just anxious l

  17. nusrat2010 says:

    Quite a fun party going on here πŸ™‚ Every time I think of you, I’m like, “I’m gonna join the party this Friday”….but it never happened! Either I get swamped with this and that chores or I forget …you know how it goes with dealing with a toddler and a newborn!

    Came here to say Hello <3

    • Angie says:

      Hi, Nusrat! Glad you came to say hello. You can always stop by and say hello even if you can’t join πŸ™‚ We’d be very happy to chat with you! How are the kids? I hope everyone is doing well. We’ve been enjoying our summer. Maybe a little too much πŸ˜€

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