Fiesta Friday #120

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75 Responses

  1. Welcome to Friday, happy fiesta!
    My world is as lovely as always, my boys are all well and happy, so I’m happy. Right now, Bob and I are having our daily quiet time, he’s alseep next to me whilst I write up my post and catch up on blogworld 🙂
    I hope you get the chance to rest and sleep over the weekend xx

  2. Jhuls says:

    Happy Fiesta Friday, Angie! It’s my day off today. I just finished watching Huntsman: Winter’s War and now off to the next movie, London Has Fallen. I don’t watch most of the times in cinemas as I am always overreacting while watching movies so it is better to keep my emotions at home only. Maybe security will catch me in case I let out my true emotions while watching! Haha! Have a relaxing weekend, Angie! Thanks for this week’s FF! x

  3. Linda says:

    Great features this week Angie! I’m looking forward to co-hosting today’s Fiesta Friday!!
    Have a wonderful day 🙂 🙂
    Fabulous Fare Sisters

  4. Nadia says:

    Although the French toast roll ups sound great, I cannot see where the French relevance comes in.
    French toast is American and not French at all.

    • Angie says:

      Oh! Noted, Nadia! Just like French fries maybe? I heard it’s more Belgian or Dutch invention? The French toast roll ups do sound great, I agree with you ??

    • Ahila says:

      Thanks for clarifying the origins of the french toast. Apparently, even before Mr. Joseph French served this dish in 1724 in New York, the Romans had been preparing this toast as per the Apicius. I do enjoy knowing the origins of a dish and I am delighted that my assumption that the French toast originated in France was not correct. That said, I do love the french toast roll ups 🙂 Have a wonderful fiesta, Nadia!

      • Angie says:

        I think because French toast is so delicious people assume it’s from France ? Coz we all know many delicious things come from France ?

  5. Hello Angie 🙂 Happy Fiesta Friday 🙂 I’ve been trying to take it easy this week – which generally means siting on the swinging chair in the garden and watching hubby finish off the garden! 😛 I did manage to plant a few beans, peas and salad seeds, as well as planting out some bigger plants including in the double wall hubby just built at the end of the new patio 🙂 Oh and I took the children to a theatre performace of James & the Giant Peach which was a great evening… even if there was a life sized spider in it! 😛 I hope you are well and still enjoying whatsapp… ding ding! 😀 x

    • Angie says:

      What?! Hubby did all THAT?! Time to tell mine to keep up! Although he did take us out to dinner everyday this week. That’s a lot of work I guess ? Anyway, I did a little cleaning up on the blog. Hopefully it doesn’t crash as often? Supposedly it should be faster as well?

      • 😀 Yes… hubby has to do the work otherwise I moan too much (so he says)! 😛 😀 Out to dinner EVERY day this week woohoo no cooking 🙂 Where did you go? What were your favourite eats? Yes… blog hasn’t crashed again yet – fingers crossed! 🙂

        • Angie says:

          Oh we went here, there, everywhere. Chinese, burgers, Mexican, whatever we felt like. Mostly the kids dictated. We mom & dad went along for the ride ? Yay! No more crashes hopefully!

        • Ooo Mexican 🙂 yumyum! That’s just reminded me to soak some black beans for tomorrow! 🙂 Thank you. No more crashes would be fantastic… or at least not so many! 🙂

  6. Hilda says:

    Lovely features as always and I look forward to spending some time between gardening chores circulating at FF. It is a great season this year for foraging and feeling a little overwhelmed. I’m not used to working so hard, so will take a few days in NYC this week – maybe do a little foraging in Central Park! And when we’re travelling and I’m not doing the driving catch up on some reading and knitting baby clothes for arrival of grandchild #2.

    • Angie says:

      Central Park foraging! That sounds exciting! And promising I think. Prob lots of edibles there. Please document for us! And congratulations on grandchild #2. Wish I’m a grandma. I want a little tiny one to spoil and hold and smell ??

  7. Happy Fiesta Friday! This month has been SOOOOOO busy. We haven’t had a free day and probably not going to have one for a couple more weeks. Embrace the crazy, right?! Have a lovely weekend and great features as always 🙂

  8. Very busy weekend planned – garden is half in, company coming this weekend and I have a Dr.’s appointment and need to shop for groceries and tidy up the house. But I’m lacking motivation. Usually I have these things all planned out ahead so everything runs smoothly. But I’ve done crazy before and can do it again, lol!

  9. Loretta says:

    Great features Angie and a beautiful weekend planned ~not~ So what’s with this crazy weather pattern? It was 78deg today, a high of 57 and rain (yet again) in DE tomorrow. Drat! There, venting over, enjoy your weekend 🙂

    • Angie says:

      It’s sooo…CRAZY!! I was thinking I can finally plant those roses I bought weeks ago tomorrow, but apparently not! Same weather forecast here, too. More rain and temp drop. Drat, darn, dang! ??

  10. jan says:

    Ahhh … gosh, so much is going on in my life right now! Busy busy at work where I”m telling the bosses I need help; still trying to sell the house, working a side gig at night at home (for my so-called future retirement/independent contractor objective). And then, of course, family stuff, blog stuff, you know the usual day to day things 😉

    • Angie says:

      Everybody seems to be in the same boat, Jan. I know I am! But you know what? In the end we’ll reap the fruits of our labor, right? So you go girl! ??

  11. Ahila says:

    Happy Fiesta, Angie! I plan to get my weekly shopping done today as well as enjoy writing my travelogue. The weather has been at its extremes here – after two months of very warm weather, we had more than a week of non-stop heavy rains which resulted in flooding and landslides in some parts of the country. Anyway, this weekend, the sun is finally peeking out so I guess the rainy spell has finally stopped.

    • Angie says:

      Same here, Ahila. Weather’s been crazy! And that’s an understatement I think ? But hey at least it’s Friday, woohoo! I had a nice dinner which included dessert! That’s rare for me actually ? So I’m happy as a clam right now. But how happy can a clam really be, lol!

  12. Beautiful features as always Angie. why are you so sleep? Poor you….as for me, well I am trying to indoctrinate myself to leading a healthier life. I have just started yoga, I meditate daily and cutting out the dairy, it’s helping the pain, well seems to be which is good. I am not doing dreadfully well at being organised though, hence I missed FF last week, ack, I need to kick my butt in to gear 😀 xxx

    • Angie says:

      Mollie thinks maybe Vit D deficiency. She may be on to something. I’m also anemic, too. That I know. So I’m taking iron pills. Maybe I’m just not sleeping properly. Maybe I need aromatherapy ? Don’t worry about missing FF. You can always just visit and view. ??

      • oooh I just got diagnosed with VitD deficiency, actually more than deficiency, severely depleted was the wording. It can make you tired, depressed and give you joint and muscular pain. Go figure? After all these years they only just decide to test me for this!!! I am on a prescriptive dose for a few weeks now, then have to remain on a lower dose for good. I hope you are get it sorted, definitely worth checking <3

  13. emmiscookin says:

    Hi, Angie!
    I’m here at Fiesta Friday for the first time! I appreciate connecting with you and other wonderful bloggers!
    My week was busy and I’m happy that it’s weekend again 😉 The weather here in Northern Germany isn’t quite good, I’m looking forward beeing in Italy in August!! I need sun!! 😉
    I wish you a wonderful weekend!
    – Emmi

  14. Hi Angie, sorry I’m late to the party but I feel like I’ve been playing catch up all week in between spending time in the park with the kids (which as pretty much all of yesterday!). I was also at my first blog conference last weekend and since you asked what we’ve been doing, hope you don’t mind that I linked up my post about the experience too.

    • Angie says:

      Of course not! I’m sure everybody is looking forward to finding out about the conference. I know I am! Will be visiting shortly ?

  15. petra08 says:

    120 brilliant Fiesta Friday parties! I hope you had a great weekend! My week was not very exciting just work! 🙂 xx

  16. Thank you so much for featuring the mango mastani Angie!! Hope you had a wonderful weekend xx

    • Angie says:

      The pleasure is mine, Naina! It’s a great summer recipe and a new one for me. Now if only I can get my hands on those Alphonso mangoes ?

  17. Antonia says:

    Great features this week Angie! Happy late Fiesta Friday! We had our little boy’s 6th birthday party this past weekend, so things have been crazy and I am way behind 🙂 He had a great time 😀

    • Angie says:

      That must have been so much fun! I remember all of my kids’ birthday parties. In fact 6th birthdays are probably the most fun, right? That’s when they finally have so many friends to invite ? Happy Birthday to the big boy! ??

  18. Hi Angie, Thanks for the Fiesta Friday.

    I have mentioned you and your blog in my second blog anniversary post, which I posted this morning. Please come and read, I hope you will like it.

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