Fiesta Friday #76

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117 Responses

  1. We do need to slow down & relax!! I’m going to the beach. 😉 Have a wonderful weekend & Happy Fiesta Friday!! 🙂

  2. Jhuls says:

    Angie, I love this post of yours. I am not bringing something today, not now. But I’ll be mingling with others. Hugs!

  3. Ooh I love this idea of a nice, chilled out party Angie – especially since I’m a bit all over the place these days, chilled is just what I need!

    Thanks so much for the feature too 😀

  4. A perfect post, thank you darling Anige xx

  5. I don’t know, I can’t help thinking with us all mingling and getting excited about the food it might be more hectic than relaxed, but either way it will be fun, I’m sure!

    • Angie says:

      Maybe we can have classical music playing in the background. That’ll relax everyone, I think. Unless of course you’re like my uncle. He got in this frenzy whenever it was on, like he was in the zone 🙂

      • We could try, though it would remind me of being in my parents house so might stress me out more 🙂 Hey, as long as my son is either happily playing or sleeping I should be good – so far doing not too bad on both today!

  6. petra08 says:

    I love your words, just perfect! I will bring something later (late as always).Thanks again for pulling us all together and hosing us every week, it is a truly extraordinary event! x

  7. Sometimes you just need to chill and I love this relaxed party Angie.

  8. Great idea Angie – we all need to slow down and “smell the roses”. I have two posts from recent classes I have attended – just love hands on learning! Enjoy your weekend 🙂

  9. What do I say? I am going to be a quiet party person today. Will
    Visit others and appreciate more of my friendships that I created right here at fiesta Friday. So many unknown faces, food frenzy souls, warm laughters, all become a good memory. Angie, your fiesta Friday brought so many of us together. FF made us laugh together and made us think together ! What a fabulous journey. So many of the friends here have become an integral part of my life. They pop on my posts and I feel complete.
    Thanks for bringing us together. A message today is to stay connected to the ones you care for. Life if Fragile!

  10. Stephanie @ The Cozy Cook says:

    Hey ANG!!!!!!!!!!!!! oh -shoot-… sorry. Too loud. I’ll be good 😉 I actually CAN be quiet now and then, believe it or not. I’ll just take nice deep breaths today… ahhhh 🙂 Good to “see” ya this week!!!! 🙂 I hope you had a nice week and have an even better weekend!

    • Angie says:

      Controlled excitement is an exercise in discipline, Steph!! 😀 I have to go out to the garden at times to control myself. That’s where I hide from the kids, too 🙂 Until it gets too hot, then I have to come in for air conditioned comfort 😀

  11. Well then I definitely need to start with you! You’re one of the most important blogging friends I’ve ever had, Angie. I would enjoy blogging half as much if I didn’t stumble onto FF and gotten the opportunity to meet so many wonderful people. Thanks for being there every week, and being a constant in my life xx

  12. Justine says:

    A great selection and glad you are reminding us to slow down, taking your advice and going out in to the sun in a mo whcih I never do 😀 xxxx <3

    • Angie says:

      Yes, we need to slow down a bit and just enjoy life… I’ll be hiding in the garden myself today, my favorite place on earth! Maybe I’ll bring a fan with me, so I won’t faint from the heat 😀

  13. Lauzan says:

    Great speech, happy FF to all of you. And one of my favorite quotes : A single rose can be my garden… a single friend, my world.
    Leo Buscaglia

  14. Suchitra says:

    Angie, you and I are on the same page today!! I was ranting about the same on my post today.. How I am always running hither and dither with never any time to pause!! This is a great idea.. Relax.. Breathe out.

    • Angie says:

      I forget sometimes how important it is to slow down. Even when I’m on a vacation and supposedly relaxing, I still always try to do something! Maybe that’s why I always feel like I need another vacation after having one 🙂

      • Suchitra says:

        So true.. It is time we stop, look around us, appreciate everyone and everything that we have around us, the things and people we often take for granted until it is too late..

  15. I am slowing down this week too Angie! Stop and smell the flowers, enjoy the people around you, nurture relationships! Happy FF Angie and have a lovely, relaxing summer xxx

  16. Really wanted to create something for this week’s FF… But I guess sometimes things just don’t work out as planned… But I am keeping myself busy in the kitchen! Anyway, I am off to gawk at all the wonderful posts of my super-talented fellow bloggers!

  17. Loretta says:

    I like that idea too Angie – I am feeling pretty pensive, slowing down and taking time to appreciate you our dear Angie and all our fellow talented fellow bloggers seems so appropriate at the moment. You’ve created an amazing blogging family in Fiesta Friday, you have no idea how we all look forward to interacting with each other across all corners of the globe. I have not come with much this week, but a huge thank you for hosting us each and every F riday. On vacation soon, but hopefully next week, I will have a post honoring our lovely Selma.

  18. I’m taking your advise and relaxing the rest of the day. Now just tell my boss please 😉 Happy FF!

  19. I am so excited to be a feature!! 😀 Yay!!
    And I second that wonderful advise Angie… I am in dire need of a break, but can’t take one yet! But I am very much looking forward to seeing all the delicious recipes this week! 🙂 Have a wonderful and well rested week Angie!

    • Angie says:

      Oh, your popsicles are the crowd’s favorite, Dini! Sound so luscious! I hope you can eventually take that break. Don’t wait for too long 🙂

  20. TheKiwiFruit says:

    What an awesome idea for this week! I’m am looking forward to going through some of the many awesome posts 🙂
    Plus, thanks for the feature! 🙂 yay!
    Have a fantastic weekend 🙂
    Stef x

  21. coconutcraze says:

    It is the same with me, I was relaxing too! Must be the weather…let’s enjoy it as much as possible. Thank you, Angie for FF. It really motivated me to post this week or else I would have continued being lazy! Have a beautiful time and enjoy!

    • Angie says:

      That’s just great, Sridevi! It’s good to relax a little, and then find something to motivate. That makes us well-rounded. I don’t mean well-rounded as plump, I mean well-rounded as nicely balanced 😀

  22. Fabulous idea Angie! With herratic summer schedules, or non schedules, it’s a perfect time to just relax and enjoy a well deserved break. Thank you so much for the feature along with the other superb recipes. i am always surprised and delighted. Thank you Josette and Julie for the honor. Enjoy the weekend! My husband is bringing home the # 1 Pizza in America, according to Bon Appetit! 3 rd try is the charm, but he had to stand in line over 2 hours before they even opened! Pizza Bedia, from Philadelphia. So really going to take it easy in the kitchen tonight.

    • Angie says:

      Haven’t tried Beddia, let me know what you think. I’ve always been discouraged by the long lines.

      I really love your waffles & lobster salad recipe, Johanne, and have bookmarked it. I’m pleased Josette and Julie think the same way I do! XOXO

      • Are you in the Philly area??? My husbnd waited 2 plus hours and the pizza was ready in 15 minutes. The people who were near the end of the line placed their orders and told to come back 4 hours later to pick it up!!!! Not very efficient. Organic produce with the provenance provided. It was really good!

  23. Hi Angie, I’ve been quiet and inactive on the blogosphere for one reason or another. The last post I did was for your One Year Fiesta Friday Anniversary, it seems like eons ago. I’m always astounded by the creative energy and commitment by all the bloggers I’ve come to follow. It’s always inspiring and I think the friendly supportive spirit that comes out in your weekly party brings out the *best* in everyone. It’s a virtual party yes, but the feelings are very real. You’ve really created something beautiful. Thank you for your support always.
    I’m with you and everyone in your call for a pause this week.

    • Angie says:

      Oh, even I have slowed down quite a bit, Gerard. I’m sure you’ve noticed I rarely post a recipe and/or story anymore. I just have can’t find the time these days. I have to MAKE time for blogging. But Fiesta Friday keeps me going. I think I love the interaction most of all. That’s probably why I’m still around. Good to see you, old friend! 🙂

  24. Hilda says:

    I hope you have a very relaxed week this week, although you seem to be as active as ever. This is a busy time for us gardeners, and it is important that we take the time to enjoy our garden, family and friends in this lovely weather.

  25. Fareeha says:

    Thanks for hosting the party

  26. Mandi says:

    Delighted to be back after (another) long break!!!

  27. FireBonnet says:

    I’ll be visiting and mingling all week so I don’t get too hungry reading everyone’s recipes all in one day. What a great way to do this one Angie.

  28. What a week to slow down and reflect. It is really amazing to see how many heartfelt friendships and connections that Fiesta Friday has fostered, and it is a tribute to you Angie – you have created this wonderful place for us all to connect and get to know one another. It’s not just about the food anymore! Much love to all xx

  29. tentimestea says:

    Oh, Angie this is the perfect sort of party right now. I’ve still been mired in this blogging fatigue and I really needed a reminder of why I continue to blog…to be able to meet such lovely people and exchange ideas and thoughts. Thank you for hosting this opportunity every week 🙂

    • Angie says:

      I know exactly how you feel. It’s a constant struggle for me to balance the times I spend blogging vs doing other equally fun and important activities, like playing with our new pet fish, for instance 😀

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