Rainbow Pizza with Kale Parmesan Crust

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  1. Angie, what a lovely and incredibly innovative pizza! I just can’t stop looking at the picture! Healthy and adorable! And the crust seems so healthy too with the kale leaves! Wow! I am so going to try this! btw have a question – Can you remind me why you are ‘the Novice Gardener’ ? LOL! Much love, indu 🙂

  2. Hey all! I’m late to the party again, and all I’m bringing is beer! I blame the PhD work and stress! Sorry to not have had time to check out all your lovely links the last few weeks – when it’s all over I’ll be catching up big time! Happy belated FF everyone (and this one I really ought to have had a Fiesta – it was actually my birthday!) xx

  3. Arl's World says:

    What a beautiful, colorful work of food art! Love it! It sounds so tasty too 🙂 Wishing you a great weekend!

  4. My four year old gal will love this. Thanks, Angie.

  5. petra08 says:

    What a pretty pizza! I love your creativity and ability to create foods that sounds so delicious and that is pretty as a picture! The kale sounds like a delicious addition to pizza, I must try that!
    I can’t believe your and Hilda’s lovely comments, I am so glad and humbled that you like the tofu! iron chef?! ha ha that did crack me up as I love the show and I am so flattered! 🙂 x

    • Thanks, Petra! You really should try the pizza, and especially the crust. So good! Your tofu dish deserved the feature, it’s not your run of the mill stir fried tofu, is it? It’s such a unique dish! I bought this package of tofu strands today, looks like noodles. Have no idea what to do with it, will peruse your recipe and see if inspiration hits. 🙂

  6. Wow Angie, rainbow pizza looks stunning. .. love love it’s elegant colours… hats off to your creativity. … This is on my list now… super super cute…

  7. Steven says:

    Beautiful color for lovely photographs. I’m going to try this just to see my kids face’s light up. 🙂

  8. andmorefood says:

    very, very beautiful pizza! and I love that you just found those purple potatoes (I liken it to my pleasure in finding random money in my handbags – even thought it’s all my money :p)

  9. Cindy says:

    Great idea especially for kids. They could help make it too – then it’s even more fun to eat!

  10. That is such a great idea – can’t wait to try with my kids this week!

  11. AWEsome pizza. I love kale. You’re a rockin’ mom. Make kale chips?

    From my other blog:


  12. Norma Chang says:

    Gorgeous pizza!!!!! Every time I visit your site and see photos of your finished dish the thoughts that run through my head are: Would I should I eat the prepared dish or frame it? I certainly would not want to be the first to dig into your finished dish.

  13. Thank you for hosting. Your rainbow pizza is beautiful, and I love the back story behind it. I think the universe was giving you a sign.

    I linked up my Coconut Lime Pineapple Granola because no matter what the calendar says, I am hanging onto the end of summer and all its flavors for as long as possible.

    • No problem, Meghan. Thank YOU for linking! And me, too, about holding on to summer as long as possible. I’m trying to eat as much ice cream before it gets too cold, haha… But maybe there’s no such thing as too cold for ice cream. 🙂

  14. sarahgiebens says:

    That looks so good, Angie! So creative 😀
    I bet your baby girl LOVED it! I know I would 😉
    Really, wonderful pizza!

  15. Lilly Sue says:

    Wow, how fun! I love it! So pretty and I am sure tasty 🙂

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